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Intuilink_VNA with Windows 7 64 bits

Question asked by PhD38 on Jul 1, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2012 by signalcraft

I'm facing heavy problems to communicate with my Vector Network Analyzer 8720ES.

Im using Windows 7 64 bits, and I installed both Agilent IO Libraries Suite (version 16.1.14931.0) and Intuilink_VNA 1.3 (installing file version :

The IO libraries SUite works perfectly and recognizes the VNA trough the GPIB/USB connection. I can also communicate basically with VISA commands (Interactive IO).
But the true problem is that Intuilink doesn't detect ANY connection by GPIB/USB. When I launch the Excel - or Word - add-in, and click on "Connect to VNA", I don't obtain any adresses... and same for any software of Intuilink_VNA.

I precise I installed Intuilink_VNA with the compatibilité mode "Windows XP - SP3". I had already done this installation on a previous laptop with Win 7 32 bits/Office 2007, it was working perfectly, but the laptop hardware recently crashed. =S

Do you think it's due to my 64 bits OS ? Does a solution exist ? I really need your help, thanks in advance for any answer.

Best regards
Vincent Dobremez
PhD student at the IMEP-LAHC lab in Grenoble, France