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Model DSO-X 2024A AGILENT Technologies

Question asked by eve22 on Jul 26, 2019

I have, Keysight InfiniiVision 2000 X-Series Oscilloscope, model DSO-X 2024A AGILENT Technologies, I am using Digitize, then waveform preamble to capture the data, using ASCII format (because the precision is really important) , I am using Visa for communication and programming in QT C++.


Now the question is that when I use byte I lose precision, but the data is right, like when I plot it, it gives the same result, but when I use ASCII for capturing the data, and then process it, I don't see any useful information its clustered together, like double coded.


Is there any other way to save the data to the PC through GUI or perhaps a way to make the ASCII data readable?


Thank you for your help in advance. Any idea is appreciated.