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E4433B UN8 FSK (symbol rate) >= (deviation frequency) limit

Question asked by kada1 on Jul 25, 2019
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I need to generate 2-Level FSK signal using real-time I/Q baseband generator (option UN8) with +-40kHz frequency deviation and 9600 smps symbol rate.

So I've created custom FSK modulation with +-40kHz deviation and stored it in the internal file. After that I set symbol rate to 9.6 ksps in Symbol Rate menu.

But when I try to choose new created FSK modulation I've got the Error -221:


User FSK file has deviations which are incompatible with the current symbol rate. The modulation type has been defaulted.
A frequency in the selected user FSK file exceeds the maximum possible deviation for the current symbol rate. The default modulation type for the mode has been selected to resolve the conflict.


But if I set symbol rate >= 40 ksps I can load my FSK modulation preset, but unfortunately I cannot decrease symbol rate less than 40 ksps after that.


So the question are there any limitation of symbol rate to not be less than deviation frequency?


I didn't find any information about it in the documentation.


Thanks for any information.