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Can a series of spectrum trace data captures be saved in different CSV files?

Question asked by tomgootee on Jul 26, 2019

I am new to BenchVue but have experience with test equipment and programming. SO far, I have successfully connected BenchVue 2018 trial-version to a spectrum analyzer (E4407B) with a GPIB adapter and saved trace data in a CSV file.


I need to do a series of several hundred spectrum trace data captures with an E4407B, incrementing the frequency range before each set of trace data is captured and saved to a file. I need to save each set of trace data in its own CSV file. Is that possible, without manual intervention? Essentially, I want the software to initialize everything then capture the trace data, create a CSV file, save the CSV file, auto-increment the frequency range, capture new trace data, create a new CSV file, save the new CSV file, auto-increment the frequency range, and so on.


I would ALSO like to have each CSV filename customized, using the frequency values plus some fixed text that I would supply while setting up the automation. Is that possible to automate?


Just knowing what is possible and what is not might be good-enough but any additional information would be greatly appreciated.