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8757 start/stop freq -- VB6 Syntax -- DTSTR or FREQ:STARt?

Question asked by az1muth on Jun 14, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by tsilchia001
Im stumbling through modify a VB6 tool that extract the trace data from an 8757. Reading the trace data is working fine. Trying to add a some lines to read the start and stop frequency so the list of frequency points can be built. What is the basic syntax to read the start and stop frequency? Know of Any VB specific examples out there?
This an attempt that does not work. Using an NI GPIB-USB-HS to connect to the instrument.
Dim sFstart As String
  sFstart = Space(26)
  Send 0, 19, "FREQ:STARt?", DABend
  TDelay (1)
  Receive 0, 19, sFstart, NLend
  MsgBox sFstart

Also tried DTSTR and DTSTPx, but I did not use the OL first. Not sure how that is supposed to look. Any help is appreciated.