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Multi-port M9808A configuration receiver leveling.

Question asked by LOlson on Jul 25, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by daras

When using a multi-port configuration of a M9808A such as 4 cards forming a virtual 8 port VNA, can additional M9808A cards be used as receivers for leveling the outputs of amplifiers used to boost the VNA output levels? The M9808A output power drops off at higher frequencies so we need to be able to compensate for the drop off by adding a booster amp. But we also have to compensate for the varying output of the amplifier. In PNA-X configurations it is easy enough to do for single Tx inputs or dual inputs with a 4 port model. But in a case where we want to measure devices with multiple inputs and a large number of outputs, we would like to test as many input/output combinations simultaneously as possible. So a multi-port configuration of a M9808A would give us the ability to a variety of TR modules as long as we can meet the Tx input power requirements. Is it possible to do multi-port measurements with receiver leveling?