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Trace using Marker Noise

Question asked by rpash on Jul 16, 2019

I am using an E4443A Spectrum Analyser and interfacing with it via SCPI commands using MatLab. I am trying to get a trace from the instrument similarly to what is returned by the 'trace:data? trace1' SCPI command, but I would like that trace to contain data reported by the 'Marker Noise' function. My current process is as follows:


Turn on marker 1

Assign trace 1 to marker 1

Set the center and span

Switch marker 1 to 'Marker Noise' function

Ask for trace


However, the results are not as expected. Instead of returning the data the marker reads out, it gives a trace as if marker functions are off. Interestingly, the appearance of the waveform when plotted in MatLab does change based on whether the marker is in 'Marker Noise' function or no function, but the data remains about the same. It seems the resolution is what changes (it is lower in the 'Marker Noise' function). 


An alternative to get this data is to iterate over all points in the instrument and query the instrument for marker Y value, but this is excruciatingly slow. Is there any way to get this data as a trace or to ask for "burst" data to speed up the process (by this I mean make 1 query and receive separate SCPI messages with the points).