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SCPI command for Src Level Mode in GCA

Question asked by andyTPE on Jun 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2011 by andyTPE
I must be having a total blindspot....

I have a PNA-X running A.09.33.07

I would like to set the source leveling mode in a GCA measurement channel
(see the 'Power' tab in the configuration screen of the GCA: Source Leveling Mode: the options are Internal, Receiver - R1 and Open Loop)

What is the SCPI command to set this parameter?  I have tried:
but this does not seem to be the one.
sour:pow:alc:mode:cat? returns the options of INTernal, OPENloop, RxLeveling, but I am not sure if this command is really associated with the parameter I want to change.

Please can someone point me to the correct command.