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Questions about a generator

Question asked by jigneshtapase on Jul 9, 2019

I am looking for a backup generator for occasional home use. It will probably only get used a couple times a year, but I want peace of mind as I have two small babies at home. Looking for a unit that will run a fridge, TV, charge phones, a few lights, and charge a laptop. I may also run a small space heater if the power is out long enough, although I know those really suck down power.

At this point, I am torn between a conventional generator or inverter generator. Using a conventional generator for a laptop and cell phone concerns me since the power isn't as clean. Does the cost justify the difference for an inverter style generator? I have read about using a line conditioner with a conventional generator for more delicate electronics or even just a UPS - Is this a feasible solution? I think something in the 3500 watt range is about what I need, but the cost difference between the two is significant. Not sure what route to go and would really appreciate any feedback.