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Application "garfield.exe" is the bane of my existence

Question asked by wolfman92 on Jul 4, 2019
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I've been using this Agilent 33522A AWG for 3-4 years in my lab.  It has had the occasional crash from time to time, but now the crashes are so often I can't use the machine.  A dialog box pops up saying "Application garfield.exe has encountered a serious error and must shut down", and the entire machine is locked, no serial communication, no GPIB interface, no front-panel, nothing.


At first I thought it was a firmware issue, since when I got the machine it had never been updated.  So after 2 different update utilities and 4 different firmware updates, I finally have the last one on the list (it's a discontinued machine), but the crashes still happen.


I've tried factory resets, I've tried wiping every piece of memory I have access to, nothing is making this error go away.  Sometimes I can use it for an hour at a time, sometimes I can't get through a solid minute of data taking.  It doesn't seem to be triggered by anything consistently, in fact sometimes it just crashes after booting and being left alone for 5 minutes.


Whats the deal, yo?