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DAQ970A single-channel sample rate? DC Current range change time?

Question asked by apullin on Jul 1, 2019
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I am fairly new to the world of DAQ instruments, and I am having some difficulty finding the specs I need on a DAQ970A device that was provided to me.

For example:
What is the maximum sample rate for a single channel? Specifically, measuring DC current.
The "technical overview" document seems to indicate that it is 85 samples/second, per the table on page 14.
Is that correct?

I am also interested in accounting for the time to switch ranges in DC current measurement mode, since I would ultimately like to measure the current consumption of an IoT device, which will range from 10's of microamps up to a short peak of 200 mA.
Since the range-switching time would obscure sudden steps in current, I want to account for how severe the impact is (i.e. long enough to miss certain short high-current events).