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Transmitting a CW or a modulated signal

Question asked by mahfuza on Jun 27, 2019

Hi All,


I transmitted a CW or a modulated signal at 60 GHz. The baseband signal was generated in arbitrary waveform generator and a VSG was used to upconvert the IQ inputs from the AWG at 5 GHz. To transmit at 60 GHz, N5152 upconverter is used and a LO. Using a horn antenna, the 60 GHz signal is transmitted.


At the receiver, I used N1999A down counter along with a V series scope and LO. At the scope, three peaks have appeared instead of one peak at 5 GHz. It showed fro for the CW and BPSK modulated signal transmission. Could you please suggest why it is so? I ensured that the signal was coming from the transmitter.


NB: I also checked the IF signal from the VSG. It shows one peak at 5 GHz for CW. and one spectrum at 5 GHz for the modulated signal