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Creating Custom Simulator Functions in ADS

Question asked by tp78 on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2019 by rbemra

Right now I have an ADS workspace with parts, where I have measured SNP data files for each part's serial number.


In a s-parameter simulation I can perform a paramsweep over an array that lists all the serial numbers, e.g. SNArray=makearray(3, "00011940","00011939","00011941"). 


The problem I have is that some parts have a large number of serial numbers, and typing them in will be a waste of time, especially when I change to a different part to simulate. Is there a way to use simulator functions to look for all the files in a directory, and create an array of their file names? for example look in the directory with all the s-parameter files, and then find the ".S2P" files?


There is an AEL expression for "get_dir_files", but that doesn't help me until after the simulation is done.