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HP 8595E option 140 not listed after memory battery replacement and tracking generator

Question asked by highroller on Jun 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2019 by highroller

Question 1 : I replaced the memory battery in my HP8595E and I lost the correction constant and options 105 and 140. I retrieved the correction constant from a backup and I did get back a fully functionning option 105 from tips found on the forum about using the "Service Cal, Flatness data, top unlabeled softkey" procedure. I now have option 105 activated but I don't see option 140 in the option list. I don't remember if option 140 was shown in this list before the battery replacement so I'm wondering if option 140 must be activate and how I can see if it is there ??? Is there is a similar way to activate option 140 from the service cal menu (maybe with the second unlabeled softkey ???).


Question 2 : What parts I would need to buy to have the tracking generator option in my 8595E analyzer. I saw a tracking generator module and a tracking generator controller card listed on Ebay. Other than the connectors and coax, does it need other components or new firmware to work ? Can it be activated from the cal menu ? I have an option slot left in my analyzer. I'm curious.


Thanks for your help !