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Input power measurement using E5061B-006 wireless power transfer analysis software

Question asked by Levent on Jun 20, 2019


I would like to characterize the power transfer efficiency of a wireless power transfer system.

The setup: Two spiral inductors strongly coupled and connected to a half wave rectifier where the diode is home-made.


When the load R (kOhm) and C connected, the DC output power is easy to measure.

However, I am trying to measure the input power accurately. Is it possible to do that using this new software?

We have E5061B-005.


Freq 1-10MHz, 10mW power range


Challenge: the impedance of the system is not 50 ohm and changing since the diode is turning on/off.


Current approach:

- measure input voltage

- amplify/measure the current using a small resistance and opamp.

In Matlab:

- correct the phase of the measured current signal ( remove the delay introduced by the amplifier)

- Input power (t) = Vin(t) x Iin(t)

- calculate the average input power.