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I have a HP 4395A Analyzer.  With the 43961A hooked up will on the list of Analyzer type will Impedance Analyzer appear?   What is option 010?   Thank you Sarah

Question asked by sarah002 on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by drkirkby

We purchased this analyzer to replace a HP 4195A.  Need to know what I need for the 4395A to be able to measure Impedance.   The manual talks about option 010, but nothing states what that option is.   When I go to the menu for Analyzer type "Impedance Analyzer" is not one of my options.   I am looking to purchase the 43961A Impedance kit but I need to be sure because of the cost of the probe that I will be able to measure impedance and that with the 43961A hooked up that under the menu for Analyzer Type that "Impedance Analyzer" will show up. 


Thank you