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Problem with switching autorange 34410A

Question asked by OP27 on Jun 12, 2019
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I have a multimeter Keysight 34410A. It was used a little. 


It have a problem with switching autorange at funcion Resistance. If I switch range mannulaly  2W (ohms) and set autorange It working correctly. 


Problem is: I switch from function ACV or CONT to function 2W, when it have running function ACV min. 5-8 second before. 
Multimeter stay at range 1Gohm - like you can see on the picture: "0.00000 GOHM".


All more function is working correctly (switching autoranging). Function Resistance meassure correctly.


I upgrated firmware on the latest version 2.43 yesterday but it doesnt fix it. 
I have some older device (34410A) and it doesnt have this problem. 


Please for your help. I think that it is a software problem. 


Thank you


Error autorange Resistance mode. (short input terminnal)