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Insensitive mouse cursor on the touch screen

Question asked by on Jun 4, 2019

I have an E5071C. To touch-move the mouse cursor, I need to tap the desired position on the touch screen many times or even keep pressing that position for more than a second before the mouse can move there. Unplug and replug the USB connector of the mouse or the keyboard to the unit can make the problem go away, but only temporarily. A local engineer told us that it might be due to some electrostatic problem.


I think we have grounded the unit well, with the power cable connected to a source with good-quality grounding, and the Ground Terminal hole on the front panel also grounded. What else can we try to avoid this cursor problem on the touch screen?


P.S. The CPU module of this unit had died twice within three years, which made us worry more about the electrostatic problem. The unit is located in Taiwan. It's a 2011 product. The cursor problem did not occur until three years ago.