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Excel VBA macro code for 34970A

Question asked by JustGene on Jun 6, 2019

Hi I am just learning to use Excel macros for instrument control.  Specifically an Agilent 34970A with 2 34901A modules.

I have been studying VBA, Visual Studio 2019, and Excel macros.  I wish to learn how to code VBA for instrument control.  I have found a lot of information here and there. I have even received some code that works and successfully connected to my device and scanned a few channels BUT, what I would like is a few tutorials/lessons that teach writing code to connect, control, and record data in excel files from bench instruments.

I'm working with Excel 2013, Windows 10, and I communicate with my 34970 via a GPIB to USB 82357B.

If anyone knows of a good site, book, or service that teaches the why and how of things I would greatly appreciate a pointer.  I have also worked with Keysight, it was they who helped me with code to connect and control but again, I want to gain some depth.  I think the biggest obstacle is the age of the equipment (it is still active).

Finally, I do have BenchVue and I purchased the DAQ app, but I think I want the flexibility afforded by Excel VBA