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Is there anyway we can force to overwrite the cal to CHn_CalReg instead of appending. It looks like In E8364B, It is overwriting to CHn_CalReg whereas in N5225A it is appending.

Question asked by sumang on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Dr_joel

Hi All,

I found from the N5225A manual and it says


New with PNA Release 5.0, Calibration Registers are designed to simplify calibrations for most users. When a
calibration is complete, the data is automatically saved to the channel's Cal Register, overwriting (or appended to) the previous cal data stored in that register. This concept is similar to previous Agilent Vector Network Analyzers.
Every channel has ONE dedicated Cal Register. They are named CHn_CALREG, where n is the channel
number. The name cannot be changed.
Cal Registers are more volatile because they are overwritten (or appended) each time a calibration is
performed on that channel. The Cal data is always saved, but only temporarily.


In old PNA like E8364B It completely overwrites the cal to CHn_CALREG whereas in N5225A It looks like it append the cal to previous cal saved at CHn_CALREG. 


Do anybody know about weather it overwrite or append? If it appends, can we force it to overwrite.

Any comment and clue is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance