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output glitches when changing parameters in triggered burst

Question asked by fxjaeckel on Jun 4, 2019


we use the 33511B function generator to generate pulse trains in burst mode. When changing pulse parameters (specifically pulse width and high-level), we consistently observe glitches in the resulting output waveform that depend on which parameter is changed:


  • Changing pulse width, glitch is a 3.5ms long positive going rectangle, amplitude appears to be 1/2 of high level. Only present in burst mode.
  • Changing pulse height (high-level), glitch first swings positive for a decreasing high-level and negative for increasing high-level. After upgrading the firmware to version 5.00 (released 2018-12-14), this changed to a +500mV, 0.5ms square, which then decays back to the baseline.


Before the firmware update, we had version "3.07-1.19-2.00-52-00".

These glitches appear regardless of whether the change is made through the front panel or remote interface.

Any chance you might fix these problems in an upcoming firmware?


Thank you!

Felix Jaeckel