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B2902A - "Memory low error" when querying in loop

Question asked by pialange on May 24, 2019


I am asking advice on the following issue:


When querying a B2902A Sourcemeter in a loop with the attached LabView program for

 ~ 1 hour the Sourcemeter displays an error on the screen and stops responding. The device is connected via USB.


Error Message:

"Program memoryis very low. You must select on task to close, or increase the amount of

program memory, if available"


For details on the error see attached image Error.jpg

For details on the Firmware Rev. see attached image Firmware.jpg


The used LabView Version is LabView 2018.


Please see also the attached image of the test VI and the actual code VI.


Any advice on how to overcome this is highly appreciated!


Thank you and best regards