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E4402B, Dead battery caused licensing issue

Question asked by MSchutzer on May 24, 2019
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I have an old E4402B that hasn't been used for about a year and its internal battery died since it was last used.  I've replaced the battery and now it keeps time, the settings, and it knows its been aligned now but I seem to have lost the bluetooth measurement application (option 228) due to the battery dying.   The measurement keys no longer have the options available for selecting.   I downloaded the latest version of option 228 from the support site and managed to install it (quite a chore as it required an old Win 2000 machine to make the disks) and it did install updated versions of the files on the machine, but now I get the license is missing for option 228.  The option 288 application is part of the 304 option group I believe from what I see in the documentation.


The serial number of the unit is US41162663 and it came with options 1DR, 304, and A4H installed.  This unit is from May 2001 vintage.   It also has been updated with option 1D5 the high stability timebase.  Here are all the hardware options cards installed show up system screen:  1DS,1DR,1D6,B72,1D5,A4H,106,B7D,B7E.


I was wondering if there is some way to look up the license code for this option that was factory installed so that I can re-enter the license key and re-enable it.