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Simulate S Parameters for All Pass Filter with OpAmp

Question asked by cheney on May 26, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by bafisher

Trying to determine how to simulate the S Parameters and Group Delay of an all-pass filter using an Op-Amp. I have the model setup but I am unsure how to obtain the S Parameters since all of the examples that I have found is by using the AC source and running an AC simulation, but this only provides information such as gain. I am more interested in using this as an all-pass filter to determine how the S Parameters and Group Delay will behave.


I am basically trying to do what is done in the first circuit in the tutorial linked below, but run the S parameters for a filter involving an Op Amp.



Thank you and any help in pointing me in the right direction as to how to setup the simulation will help.