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mesh option for memtum

Question asked by EE2018 on May 19, 2019
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when i simulate a RF inductor with momentum used in mmic(pic.1),i have serval questions as follow:

1.generally,how many cells/wavelength should i set in the option of mesh density?if the num is 80,160 200,250,the result varies very differently(pic.2);

2.should i enable the edge mesh and transmission line mesh? the results is also different.the inductor mental have been seted as a 3D-distrubuted thick mental.But in the ADS HELP files,there is "the use of edge mesh is  typically not required when the conductors is defined as thick conductors with a 3D-distrubuted model..........enabling the edge mesh for thick conductors will additionally allow to capture the current crowding effect in corners.  however that is the secondary effect that in the vast majority of cases is not required for a sufficient accuracy ."it means if your conductor is thick 3d-distrubuted mental,you do not need to enable the edge mesh ,and it will not affect the accuracy seriously.but in my simulation ,it did.(pic.3); the set of my port right?

4.there is always some warning (pic.4),what is the problem?


thanks !