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Where would you measure temperature inside a VNA?

Question asked by drkirkby on May 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by drkirkby

I know the FieldFoxes, and believe the PNA-Xs, have a temperature sensor(s) inside. Where are those sensor(s) located?


I have a small lab at home, and can't run the air conditioning 24/7, so its fairly obvious that my 8720D drifts more than it might otherwise do. I'm trying to quantify the drift, and see if it follows room temperature, or the internal temperature. I was thinking of adding a temperature sensor - probably a pt100, as the are more convenient to use than a thermocouple for me.


I'm trying to think where might be the best place(s) to measure the temperature. I'm guessing the receivers might be the most critical - obviously measuring the temperature of the CPU is not going to be as useful.