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8753 question - how can I save a file with a given name to the internal floppy drive?

Question asked by drkirkby on May 11, 2019

I wish to save the state of an 8753 to a floppy drive, with a name of my choosing - not FILE00, FILE01, using GPIB, but can't seem to work out what commands to use.


I can do this from the front panel by saving the state, which gets saved to a FILE00, FILE01 etc, then rename the file, but it is a lot of messing around.


INTD - selects internal floppy disk

STOR<n> - saves states 1 to 5


but I can't work out how to save a file with a particular name. If for example I wanted to save the state, under the name FOOBAR, how can it be done?