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Capturing Raw Trace Data in SMC (Scalar Mixer Converter) Mode

Question asked by pikafu on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 7, 2019 by pikafu

So, I have a network analyzer (specifically the P9374A, but this question doesn't apply to just this model). Is there a SCPI command that lets me capture raw trace data in SMC mode, something like what Calc:Data:SNP:PORTs:SAVE does in standard mode?


Right now I am saving the data to an .s2p, reading it using a python function, then deleting the .s2p, but this is a hacky approach and is prone to be slow as it is using I/O operations with a hard disk.


I did find this old thread and read it, but my question is specifically about not saving .s2p files, but instead retrieving the raw data directly from the traces.