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ESG 44xx wait after *TRIG

Question asked by troelst on May 6, 2019
Latest reply on May 13, 2019 by troelst


On a ESG-4438, I want to

- turn on RF,

- TRIG a user file,

- turn off RF again as fast as possible.


I therefore want to pack a series of SCPII commands something like this:

OUTPUT 1; TRIG ; "wait" ; OUTPUT 0


But my problem is that *WAIT probably just waits for the trig to *start*. So it does not help me.


Then I have tried trigging a frame of e.g. 3 seconds duration, and polling these e.g. every 500 ms:



But no nothing bits/status changes when sending frame is completed (3 seconds).

So atm they seems not to be candidates for the waiting...


How do I wait for the frame (user-file) to be sent?

Any hints / pointers / suggestions are greatly appreciated :-)