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Real Time RTSA and FFT

Question asked by batigol Employee on Apr 24, 2019



I have the following question with regards to real time. If I work with my N9020B in normal spectrum analyzer mode, I can either have the traditional swept mode or alternatively, I can move to FFT sweep to increase measurement time.


If I understand correctly FFT is also the core also for Real Time Analysis gap free, so if I change to RTSA Mode, I am therefore also having an FFT based sweep.


My question is therefore, which is the difference between both FFT sweeps in the above mentioned different modes?


My take would be that the FFT calculation and sweep is in both cases same, the added value from RTSA comes from the additional marker types,POI calculation, spectograms and different type of traces among many other features which are not visible inside normal spectrum mode.


Thx for the comments.