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How to programm the E4990A with macros

Question asked by MiKeZ on Apr 22, 2019

Hey guys, I have a problem.


I'm currently working at a company as a hardware engineer. Last week I got the task to program our E4990A with macros so that our measurement cycles with it can be more efficient.

So I started to read myself into VBS programming and all the commands for the E4990A. This is where I got stuck.

So my problem is, that I don't know how to use the command for saving all traces displayed on the device.

The command for saving just one trace works fine.

I'm using macros programmed in VBS which I execute on the device from an USB-Stick. I'm just getting started with it and currently, I'm just trying out all the commands I need for my task. 

Below you'll find the command I am using. 



dim ana

set ana = createObject("E4990.Application") = "D:\dato00.csv","displayed"


My problem is that this command needs two arguments: its Name/Directory and what traces should be saved. But this doesn't work. And for this type of programming, I cannot find some useful description on the net.


Can someone please help me by telling me what's wrong with this command or by just giving me a link where this type of programming the E4990A is well described?