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Juroshek method for Equivalent SM of splitter

Question asked by khaynes on Oct 1, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2012 by kenf

Because we didn't get similar results from the results of two calibration of an 11667A power splitter equivalent source mismatch
I was trying to confirm that our labs method is correct by using a third method published in Oct 1997 by Juroshek which uses a SOLT calibration
of the VNA and splitter to obtain source match of the splitter used as an external port of the VNA.

An Agilent competitor in Germany has an application note which describes access to the source match term in service functions for specific analyzers.
Our cal lab E8361a opt 14 PNA seems to have the same receiver access and cal viewer allows user to see the residual terms so I wanted to try to duplicate this on the PNA.

I tried connecting the input (PS1) to PNA port 1; the left port PS2 (label up and PS1 away from me) to Port 2, and performed 10M-18GHz SOLT cal at
the third port of the splitter(PS3) using preset parameters using 85054B cal kit. The cal viewer source match term displayed a 12 db loss or about 1.6 VSWR.
I took this as the output S22 not the equivalent output source match, and not what I was after.

Then I removed the reference receiver jumper, terminated the source and took the PS2 port to the Port 1 reference receiver input.
The results of one and two port calibrations with unk thru were very similar.

Guidance on what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated as this seems to be an established method. Our lab implementation is terminated PS1 with PS2 and PS3
measured reflection and transmission on Port 1 and 2 then doing math. Those are the results I'm trying to validate. The other results are from Roseville standards lab cal
and I think another method is used there.