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How to output normalize data from 8757C Network Analyzer?

Question asked by meisiang on Aug 29, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2007 by jvall
Hi guys,

I have a test in which the cal data is stored in the 8757C memory.
After connecting the dut, the 8757C measure the signal and normalize it with memory trace.
On the 8757C screen, I can set the display mode to show normalize data (meas-mem).
That is the trace that I would like to capture.
However, if i use the output normalize data command 'ON' to capture the trace on the 8757C screen,
the graph that is captured and plotted on my pc monitor has similar shape but with alot of spikes in between compared to the one shown in the 8757C screen.
I manually do the normalization by subtracting the memory data from measured data and I got the same graph as the one captured using the 'ON' command.
I believe there might be some internal calculation done by 8757C before displaying the normalized trace on the 8757C screen.
Is there anyone who might know how to get the correct normalize trace from 8757C?

Thanks in advance.