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ENA (E5071B) VBA and Excel example prog. mod?

Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Feb 25, 2006
Latest reply on Feb 26, 2006 by odanzy
<Someone on RF-Globalnet asks, and I am cross posting here>

  I am in excel learning to use VBA so that I can simply try to get a marker value from an Agilent network analyser (E5071B). I have one of their .xls examples and it does all kinds of things to the analyser, but I can't seem to figure out how to modify the darn thing! 

THe analyser is on the network, and my computer is also on the network. The excel example file uses VBA that uses SICL-LAN (Agilent), that uses GPIB calls.

I am sure this is not too hard for somebody... it's just that my head is too hard... haha.

VBA issue:
What does the (1,1600) stuff do?
     Dim Data_y(1, 1600) As Double
     Dim Data_x(1600) As Double

SICL-LAN issue:
What is the diff between an iread and an ivscanf?
When would you use a scan instead of a read?

SICL-LAN issue:
What does the ", 6, 1, 0&)" part do?
    Call iwrite(id, ":CALC1:MARKER1:Y?" + Chr$(10), 6, 1, 0&)

<and in a follow-up post>

I am having problems right here...  at the iread statement.  I get a timeout error.

Call iwrite(E507x, ":CALC1:MARKER1:Y?" + Chr$(10), 6, 1, 0&)
' Read result
Call iread(E507x, Marker_x, 80, 0&, actual)