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Question asked by wpaxman on Jul 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2007 by konstantinos
I have been able to run some of the password encrypted VBA software (ECalCharacterization.vba) that came with my ENA, but when I downloaded some software from the Agilent website (meas_user.vba), I get a runtime error. 

I really just need a module to get me started, say something that saves 2-port S-parameters to a file or anything simple like that.  I can handle the details of the programming and the user interface.  If I had the password for ECalCharacterization, I could see how that program does it, and work from there, but I do not have the password. 

So why does meas_user fail to operate?  Or do you have a handy VBA application that I can use as a template for my program?  Anything to help me out would be appreciated.