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FCA Calibration for stepped LO

Question asked by STANTON on Aug 5, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by daras
I want to make SMC measurements; swept RF, stepped LO, fixed IF.  The RF and LO power levels are fixed. 
For example, my three measurements will be:

Input (Center/Span) 8GHz, -100MHz
LO1 (Fixed ) 9GHz
Output (Center/Span) 1GHz, 100MHz

Input (Center/Span) 9GHz, -100MHz
LO1 (Fixed ) 10GHz
Output (Center/Span) 1GHz, 100MHz

Input (Center/Span) 10GHz, -100MHz
LO1 (Fixed ) 11GHz
Output (Center/Span) 1GHz, 100MHz

I am using a PNA E8364B, (014, 016, 080, 081, 083, UNL) A.06.04.32 and a RFSource 83623A. 

I will eventually be doing a VMC measurement.  I have the required mixers and filters for the VMC.  The reference mixer/filter is currently installed between SOURCE_OUT and I am setup for the VMC measurement, but I am initially performing a SMC on Channel2 and will use the SMC for a sanity check. 

I would like to do one calibration, then make the above measurements, but I keep getting the Error Message 516 "Critical parameters do not match your calibration...."

How can I do all three measurements with one calibration?