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T&M Toolkit - A possible bug, but nowhere to report it.

Question asked by CraigEwens on Jun 21, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2007 by hognala
I am posting in this forum because apparently only moderators are allowed to create threads in your feedback section!

Within the feedback section I was going to ask where I could ask T&M Toolkit questions not specific to any instruments as there doesn’t appear to be anywhere obvious (yet?)

What prompted this necessity for somewhere to post was the fact that I have encountered a small bug(?) within the Test Automator and wished to explain a little more about the situation.
I thought this would be helpful because after reading the automatically generated explanation that the application creates to send back to Agilent, I felt it lacked the words to help in greater detail.

I will describe how I created the bug to see if anyone can reproduce it or pass it onto the T&M Toolkit guys.

I am using the Test Automator to call a class within a DLL written in VB.NET 2005.
The class is controlling an instrument via the DirectIO approach from the T&M Toolkit.
Within the class I have generated a public enumeration of some frequency units which I wish the user to be able to select when specifying a frequency.
This all works well...
I had a Test Automator script using the "GHZ" enum type.
I ran the sequence step and the instrument reports an error. Basically it doesn't recognise "GHZ" so upon reading the manual I realise it should be simply "G". I go back to VS.NET and adjust my enum selection choices.
Now when I go into the Test Automator the "GHZ" option that was previously selected is in error which is detected by the Test Automator.
Unfortunately, when I click on the drop down list to change from the faulty enum to a correct enum the Test Automator app shuts down.

The only way I could recover from this was to manually edit the Test Sequence file (.tsd) and replace the "GHZ" for an enum choice which I knew was available from within the DLL.

I hope this is helpful or perhaps someone would pass it onto the T&M Toolkit team.