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E5070B Store screen image

Question asked by cqcmos on Jun 18, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2007 by dk001
I want to store the E5070B screen image in the host computer, directory"D:\pic",file name"NTXS.bmp"
Remote control: LAN
Language: VB .net
The code is as below:
     NA = New Agilent.TMFramework.InstrumentIO.DirectIO—
("TCPIP0::", False, 2000)
             NA.Timeout = 2000
     'Connect the analyzer and active the Channel1
          NA.WriteLine(":mmem:stor:imag ""D:\pic\SNTX.bmp""")
I can connect the analyzer and active the channel1, but nothing happenned after storing the image, no files were found in the folder "pic".
I have tried several formats of the file,
"D\pic\SNTX.bmp","\pic\SNTX.bmp","/pic/SNTX.bmp","D/pic/SNTX.bmp", still remained the same however.
Did I add unwanted or miss some symbols, such as blank" ",slash"/","\",
quotation mark" " "?
Could anyone be so kind as to give some advice? Thanks a lot!