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USB/GPIB 82357B unable to read any data error

Question asked by MarcoA on Apr 13, 2019


I'm trying to control the semiconductor parameter analyzer B1500A using Matlab. I'm using the connector USB/GPIB 82357B as PC/B1500A interfaze. The communications between my PC and B1500A is correct, i.e. I can send any commands and the machine receives them and send back the answer. The problem come when I try to read the measurement data generated, in this case after I applied a straircase sweet. After approximately 20 second trying to read the data, the following error message appear on my screen and in the log window of B1500A.


Warning: GPIB: KEYSIGHT: A timeout occurred. Error could be due to bad device address or state.
'gpib' unable to read any data. For more information on possible reasons, see GPIB Read Warnings.


I'm sure that the measurement data have been generated because I can read them in the log window of B1500A.


Could someone please help me to solve this issue? Is it possible that USB/GPIB 82357B is broken?

Thank you in advance.