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How do I revert my 8594E analyzer back to stock and un-install options 151/160 ?

Question asked by PeterM on Apr 11, 2019
Latest reply on May 28, 2019 by MikeM

Picked up an 8594E relatively cheap (it works fine) but it doesn't have narrow RBW filter, FAST ADC (for analog + display capability) and AM/FM demod options. It came with the TG and option 119 (which is easy to remove). Option 151/160 chews up remaining expansion card cage slots (2) and I need to free up room to install the other 3 cards. Looking at the analyzer there is more involved than just removing the 2 cards for the digital demod as I can see that the coax port on the A14 log amp is not in use. Without further disassembly I am guessing the cable that would normally go to the A14 log amp has been re-routed to one of the two digital demod cards. My concern is if that is the case and I pull the digital demod cards and put the cable back to A14 is whether I need to do a full log amp cal ? Also before I tear things apart option 160 mentions FIRMWARE to support option 151. Does this refer back to the main 4 system ROMS and if that is the case do I need to find stock firmware ROMS if I want to undo everything?

Unfortunately I have been unable to find the installation documentation that comes with the post factory user installed version of these options under part number 8590-60100 which would have shed some light on removing things by going through the installation process in reverse.