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Line differential impedance ADS simulation

Question asked by emtec001 on Apr 5, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2019 by bafisher

Hi everyone!


I'm trying to simulate a pair of microstrip coupled lines, to determine its odd mode impedance and differential impedance, using ADS and, eventually, Momentum. In the end, my point is comparing simulation results with "theoretical" results given by a formula. As for now I'm trying to simulate it correctly in ADS schematics, no success though. I'm guessing I have to simultaneously feed my lines with some kind of differential signal to get it, but I'm kind of stuck. I'm using an included template first: ckt_diff_imp_ML_thick_metal. If anybody could give me some light it would be really helpful. Please do not hesitate to ask anything you need. Thank you in advance.


EDIT: just to add I'm using 4-layers FR4 (Er 4.6). Lines on top layer so about 0.2 mm from closer dielectric (actually thinking in simulate it as a 2-layers board with 0.2 substrate)