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msov334 <2Gpoint limitation?

Question asked by myonezaki on Apr 6, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by algoss

hello, trying to capture the longest possible time span at 10GS/s, single channel, single sweep, with 2Gpoints.  in the acquisition menu tried setting the sampling & memory to various combination of auto or manual but am not able to capture the 2Gpoint measurement.  although at 80Gs/s, 2Gpoint is available, dont understand the logic but this time span is too short for the measurement.  beside the acquisition pull-down, is there another menu that is preventing the capture of 2Gpoints at 10GS/s?  also there is a discrepancy between the main screen displayed number of points (memory depth) and the acquisition menu, one could set the memory in the acquisition menu to 1Gpoint while the main display show 500Mpoints, although what is saved is 1Gpoint.  the scope is also controlled via python (pyvisa) in case the fix is only available via remote commands.   the attached is the screen capture from help infiniium.