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E4428C Error 617 after battery replacement

Question asked by martinv on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2019 by EricBaker

I'm getting errors  "617, Configuration Error;  No power output - bad configuration" and "617, Configuration Error;  No frequency output - bad configuration" after replacing the battery.


More details in order:

1.  Repaired dead power supply.  Issue was in the primary stby circuit.

2.  Unit booted and passed ALL self tests,  output worked, verified on a spectrum analyzer. 

3.  Decided to replace battery since unit was already open. 

4.  Powered up and now the following errors are constant and there is no output:

  • 617, Configuration error;  617, Configuration Error;  No power output - bad configuration
  • 521, "Yo Loop unlocked;  Execute Yig Pretune Calibration if problem persists....."
  • 520, "Sampler Loop unlocked"

5. The A16 board seems to be missing from the "Installed Board Information" menu.  I have the "E8521-6044 Frac-N board"  This seems to be the main issue.

6. Since replace battery, many self tests fail including some power supply failures.  However, the power supply steps ONLY fail if the A16 module is installed.