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HP8590 blinking screen with smeared image

Question asked by ivanryger on Mar 28, 2019

Dear colleagues, 

we have HP8590B spectrum analyzer in our lab. After replacing the dead 3.6V Li-po battery the screen on SA stopped working. it is blinking at about 2Hz rate and some smeared dotted image can be seen momentarily. I tried to connect another monitor to the output BNC connector and by adjusting H-holdoff I was able to see momentarily the standard SA screen, though still blinking and disappearing.

I compared the power-on sequence on LEDs on the main CPU board with another similar SA (that has working CRT, but slightly older CPU board and non-functioning RF part) and it was the same, so it seems that the system passes the initial self test.

I tried the procedure of recalling the default configuration and adjusting the holdoff according to this thread . Unfortunately, without success. 

Can you please advise me, where the problem could be?

Thank you.