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Noise power with 029 option

Question asked by noise029&028 on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2019 by noise029&028

Hello everyone, I use the noise option '029' to make noise power measurements for a measurement chain composed of an LNA and an impedance tuner just at the input of the LNA. I am trying to determine the output noise power (from the chain only) for each tuner position. Basically i have two questions to ask


1- What is the appropriate parameter that allows to do this measurement because there are two parameters that are "DUTNPDI and DUTNPD" knowing that my noise calibration is done at the end of cable of port 2 with a noise source and also at the level of reference plan of DUT?


2- can I say that these two parameters are the total noise power available at the output and which is the power of noise available at the output due to the sources (KTB Ga) + the internal noise power of the chain ?


Ga: available gain of the measurement chain

T: ambient temperature

K : Boltzmann constant

B: bandwidth (1Hz)


Thank you so much