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HP 8753 Driver bug?

Question asked by PrizmP on Apr 22, 2008
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2008 by bhokkan
Hi everyone,

I think I have a driver problem with the HP8753ES and Agilent VEE. I made a very simple program to make sure I could control the VNA through the plug&play driver object. Most commands work just fine with the VNA doing what it should.  But certain commands with particular parameters give me a "VEE Run Time Error".

One example of a problematic function is the ag875x_markerQuery() function with the "markerQueryRequest" parameter set to "ag875x_MKR_VALUE_STIM_Q" (see function definition at bottom of message):

Error Message:
Error returned from VXIplug&play function call, error value 0xbffc0d38
Eror number: 815
Could not match request to valid choices!;  Request=`VALUE'
An Error occurred while calling the driver in transaction number 3
Transaction was calling 'ag875x_markerQuery(instrHandle, Marker_Query_Result_1, Marker_Query_Result_2, Marker_Query_Result_3, ag875x_MKR_VALUE_STIM_Q, ag875x_MKR_1, ag875x_CH1, Marker_Query_Result_4)'
Object title: To/From HP8753ES
Object type: VXIplug&play

This sounds a lot like a driver related problem to me because that function call to the driver is generated automatically by the driver interface itself!

Can anyone support suspicions? Has anyone come across this kind of problem before or can redirect me to any other helpfull ressources?

Thanks in advance.

Here's my setup:
Programing environment : Agilent Vee Pro 8.5
Instument : HP 8753ES - firmware V.07.72
Instrument driver : ag875x VXIplug&play driver Ver. A.01.01 (October 2001)
Interface : HP82350A PCI GPIB card
Note : In the quest to resolve this issue I also tried the other driver provided on Agilent's website (Ver. A.02.11 - November 1999)... and also with Agilent Vee Pro 7.0 but with no luck.

Here's the function definition from the driver help file:
ag875x_markerQuery(ViSession vi, ViPReal64 markerQueryResult1, ViPReal64 markerQueryResult2, ViPReal64 markerQueryResult3, ViString markerQueryRequest, ViInt16 getMarker, ViInt16 markerQueryChannel, ViPReal64 markerQueryResult4);