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Coilcraft layout model problem.

Question asked by dmitriy on Mar 27, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2019 by volker_muehlhaus

Does anyone have a problem with the physical dimension of Coilcraft inductors (and probably other components) when placing them in ADS2017 layout? I've contacted Coilcraft. They said Keysight updated Coilcraft's library, but Coilcraft couldn't verify it because they are waiting for their ADS license. I asked if I could just take a look at the library myself. They sent me the link which I followed. The link took me to the same place on the Coilcraft site where I got the original library. It doesn't like there is an updated library. So there are two problems. The first one is the dimensions are only correct with a certain layout unit and resolution settings. The solution is to check a certain option in every layout cell, but the library cannot be Read Only to do that. It's hard to believe Coilcraft didn't think of that. Murata models come in correctly every time, and their library is also Read Only by default. The second problem is there is no option to change the layer name of the component pad. Can anyone comment on any of these issues?