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N9010A Swept FFT freeze ...

Question asked by debugasm on Mar 26, 2019
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I have one problem with my N9010A (13.2 GHz). When positioning the spectrum analyzer at the center of a CW frequency greater than 3.6 GHz and decreasing the span below 20KHz the sweep freeze. At the bottom right of the screen the word "Sweep" changes to "Sweep (FFT)", than display freeze.


If I change the Sweep Option:


"Sweep/Control" -> "Sweep Setup" -> "Sweep Type (Man)" -> "Swept"


Diplaty will running normally.


If I restore "Sweep Type (Auto)", display freeze.


It seems that the FFT mode does not work or hangs.


If I try to use the "Mode" -> "Phase Noise" the main application program of spectrum analyzer crashes and the screen returns to the desktop.


I have installed last firmware "A.22.08".


With another model, this one with the latest software version "A.22.08", N9020A (8.4 GHz) this problem does not exist.


Thanks very much.