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N6705B Screen Capture Via SCPI

Question asked by smalu on Mar 21, 2019

Hi, I want to capture and parse the screen capture of the N6705B via SCPI commands to the controlling computer (computer running VBscript). How do I capture the screen and pass it/save it on the controlling computer?


I know that the command "MMEM:EXP:DLOG "external:\data1.csv"" saves the screen capture to the USB drive attached to this power analyzer. That is not my goal.


I know that the command "HCOPy:SDUMP:DATA?" Returns an image of the display in .gif format, but I do not know if I need to reconstruct this data in a gif in the script or if truly a gif is returned, how to save it to the computer in the VBscript.


Please help. All I need to do is -

1. capture the screen image

2. save it on the controlling computer

using SCPI.