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Advice on good inventory management software to use?

Question asked by johnsmith007 on Mar 19, 2019

We run a small manufacturing facility and have been managing our inventory the ancient way for the past 3 years; spreadsheets, late reporting... we would like to finally bring our operations to the this century lol and need some advice on better inventory management.

we were considering a few options: trade gecko looks good just not sure their extremely high price tag is feasible for us. I was told about Unleashed by our intern also, but their reviews are making me worried. Also came across Dear Systems which seems like a good fit for us, their reviews and case studies look solid, and the features seem to be what we need at the size we are right now. 

I am always hesitant to try new systems though as it would be a big change for us. Is anyone familiar with Dear Systems? Or if you have any other suggestions on alternatives would love to hear some thoughts...